How to improve at chess

I have found the method I use in my coaching works well with players of all abilities. This is a combination of: introducing a new concept; showing clear examples of this concept; introducing more detailed or crowded on the board examples; giving homework on the topic. As well as regular homework for revision of existing concepts.

It is also important to make the tasks fun. Playing a game with the students also can highlight how well the student is understanding and putting into practice their skills – this may lead to other issues to be revised or discussed.

I am using the ‘step method’, which was developed in Holland and now is used in many European countries as a well established chess teaching method. I supplement this method with other resources, including my own game examples.

I think students should play chess at least a few times a week. The repetition reinforces the new structures and patterns they are learning.


Author: Scott

A full-time Engineer but part-time chess nut. Ask me about chess coaching (0478 572 688) or visit

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